Plumbing Contractor Liability Insurance Quote

Plumbing Contractor Liability Insurance Quote

Plumbing Insurance

The plumbing professionals in Ontario Canada is no doubt faced with a various type of risks and exposures everyday. Just a very minor mistake could result in a major lawsuit against plumbers that could potentially close down most small contractors business.

This is why it is necessary to make sure that you, your employees, expensive tools camera etc and your business are all protected with a plumbing insurance policy.
We are not offering only unique policies for all plumbers in the Ontario area, but also our highly experienced trained staff can help you to provide customized policies to suit your very specific requirements and risks.

What Can You Expect To Pay?

There are a variety of factors that can really change the overall cost of your plumbing insurance but having a contractors insurance policy in place is very important for many reasons.

In fact, some companies might have to pay a bit more based on their coverage needs, but this insurance is no dough a need for any plumbing contractor.

Plumbers having higher exposure and claims history problems etc can expect to pay more than others who don't. If your client recently filed a huge claim or lawsuit in court, you may certainly expect to have yo pay more than a contractor who has not a court claim.

Types Of Plumbing Insurance Coverages?

While there are a variety of policies available, there are some basic policies that every plumbing contractor could benefit from. These are general liability insurance and commercial auto insurance. In fact, the law might require you to invest in these two policies before you even legally open for plumbing business.

General Liability Insurance – GL insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides basic coverage against lawsuits and other financial risks that are the result of a mishap or error on your part.

For instance, if you accidentally hit and injure a customers due to ladder suddenly fall down while working, this policy would cover any medical expenses or lawsuits that ensued.
Note: This Claim Example is for illustrative purposes only. Please always remember that only the insurance policy governs the coverage terms, conditions and exclusions.

Commercial Auto Insurance – Any vehicle that is used for business related purposes would need to be covered under commercial auto insurance. Some of our policies might have coverage limits, but we can ensure everything from the van you use to the trailer you use to haul equipment and tools etc.

Do You Need Other Policies as Plumber?

Unfortunately, these won’t be the only policies that most plumbing contractors need. Most plumbing contractors will also need business owner’s policy insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy – This is a bundled package insurance that can be customized by our trained staff. For instance, you can combine general liability insurance with commercial auto insurance, and personal property insurance.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – This coverage helps cover medical losses and a portion of lost wages that are experienced by employees, who are injured on the job -

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